Saif Ali Khan

Saif cuts hair for real! June 26, 2009


Okay, we’ve heard about roles being specially penned down for some actors, or scripts written for some stars, but here’s a bizarre story of a real hair cut done by Saif Ali Khan for his role in Love Aaj Kal.

Apparently, the whole of San Francisco (our stars are smartly and slowly inching towards Hollywood) schedule of Love Aaj Kal was designed around Saif Ali Khan’s look — his super-cool hair and beard combo. Well, his role required him to sport four different looks, and the scenes were so imaginatively laid out that he could experiment with his looks naturally.

Without the use of hair extensions, fake beards, etc. We heard that in one particular scene where he’s getting a haircut at the salon – it’s for real.

The superstar Khan was actually getting his hair cut while the shot was being canned.

Talk about getting into the ‘scalp’ of the role, our very own Saif is
taking no shortcuts here, huh?

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